Recent documents indicate that a corruption probe linked to an unsolved sexual assault case has been brushed under the rugs by top-ranking officials of the New Jersey State Police.

The rising activism of those who are fighting against police brutality and corruption has paved the way for more calls to reported "injustices" done by some law enforcement officers.

According to Newsweek, Laura Gallagher filed a case to the New Jersey State Police on January 31, 2017 detailing that she had been sexually assaulted. After a fiery interrogation, an arrest warrant had been secured but Ian Schweizer who is the alleged assailant roams free three-and-a-half years later.

Schweizer who is the son of the former executive director of the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has filed a lawsuit against Gallagher for defamation and has also sued the state troopers for false imprisonment.

Reportedly, the state troopers who interrogated Schweizer argued with the Sussex Country prosecutors on whether or not they should pursue the said sexual assault case, and Acting State Police Superintendent Patrick J. Callahan had intervened in this debate remarking that they "would look into it." The case was left unsolved despite Callahan's promise of addressing it.

This is why when Schweizer was released without any charges, the state troopers called the attention of Detective Sergeant Tom Donnelly at the Official Corruption Bureau of the New Jersey State Police. Donnelly opened a corruption complaint against the Sussex Country Prosecutor's Office, but the said probe remains dormant.

Several investigators who are working for Gallagher's defense surmised that Schweizer has been allegedly backed by top-ranking officials who attended a luncheon meeting at the Golden Corner Diner, New Jersey back in March 2017.

A transcript of Callahan's testimony indicated that he was with his second in command and two officials from the Sussex Country Prosecutor's Office, namely: Chief Prosecutor Francis Koch and Chief Detective Thomas McCormick.

Gallagher detailed that at one point, she was told to drop her case againt Schweizer as the latter had "not fully raped" her.

The state troopers who chose to seek help from the Official Corruption Bureau had initially thought of shutting the investigation down after figuring that the case indeed had some political involvements.

Now, Callahan has been promoted to State Police superintendent while McCormick continues to serve at the Sussex Country Prosecutor's Office.

Gallagher and the state troopers believe that there are other forces at play in her ordeal. She said that she will continue her fight to justice and that all involved perpetrators would someday be held accountable.

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