A police officer in Nairobi, Kenya shot and killed his girlfriend at the hospital.

Bernard Sivo of the Njoro Sub-county police station was accused of assaulting his girlfriend Mary Nyambura. The latter had gone to the hospital for medication.

"Mary Nyambura, 29, visited the hospital with a fracture on her right leg complaining that she had been assaulted by his boyfriend," said a police statement obtained, by People Daily Digital .

Nyambura was being hospitalized for a fractured leg that she believes Sivo inflicted, The Standard said.

Sivo entered the hospital brandishing an AK47 weapon and 30 bullets, the report added.

The incident happened minutes after Sivo began his shift at the station, according to The Standard.

While on duty, the officer was given a handgun.

The deceased's body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds to her right arm, wrist, and back.

Sivo walked back to the station 30 minutes after the hospital incident. He was able to return to the station past midnight.

Reports said the police officer asked to make a phone call only to start shooting in the air.

"The officer then came back to the station while wild and was firing [aimlessly] within the station, endangering the lives of other fellow officers," the statement said, adding that his coworkers attempted to disarm him.

Later, the suspect shot himself in the chin and committed suicide.

"The bullet exited on the upper forehead and died instantly," the reports added.

Officers discovered Sivo had slain his girlfriend at Njoro hospital following the event.

"According to the hospital administration, an armed officer entered the hospital and fatally shot a female patient, Mary Nyambura, his girlfriend," Kisaka added.

Sivo's weapon had 11 bullets in it when it was found. The two remains were transported to Egerton University Morgue for a postmortem examination.

The fatalities have sparked an inquiry, according to police in Nakuru's regional headquarters per Capital News.

Cases of cops killing each other and committing suicide have been on the rise, with some blaming it on terrible working conditions and others blaming it on love triangles within the force.

In July, Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Mbugua initiated a mental health training program with all 47 County Commanders in an effort to prevent stress-related violence and suicide among the National Police Service's officers.

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