A mother and Texan police deputy were arrested and charged on Friday for bodily injury to a child after she reportedly tased her three children with her boyfriend’s taser, causing the children to not “feel safe” at their home.

Xochitl Ortiz, a 34-year-old mother from Houston, Texas, was fired from her job as a deputy constable after she was arrested for reportedly abusing her kids by tasing them with her boyfriend and fellow deputy Christopher Worthington’s taser, according to the Daily Beast.

Her three children, who are boys aged 8, 11, and 12, reportedly told their father about the lack of safety in the house and the abuse that they reportedly went through under Ortiz. The father, who is currently in the process of divorcing Ortiz, reported her to the local authorities, ABC 13 reported.

“The facts allege that you used a Taser to tase each of your children: one on the hand, one on the buttocks, one on the shoulder,” the hearing officer said during the court date. “The facts allege the complaining witnesses complained of shock and pain and don't feel safe in your home.”

Ortiz reportedly took Worthington’s taser and shocked the children on their hands, shoulder, and buttocks while Worthington watched, reportedly pushing the taser to their skin before turning on the charge to maximize its pain potential.

Ortiz and Worthington were fired from their positions as deputies, though Worthington has yet to be charged.

Ortiz’s bond was set at $450,000, which was subsequently lowered to $150,000. If she is able to post bail, she is not allowed to get within 50 feet of her children, her ex-husband, Worthington, or anyone under the age of 17. She is also not allowed to have lethal and non-lethal weapons at her disposal.

Her attorney, Russell Neumann, released a statement that maintains Ortiz’s innocence of the charges.

“I'm just notifying everyone she maintains her innocence. She continues down the path that we're going to fight this case and she won't accept anything,” Neumann said. “I don't think anything should, would, or could happen.”

Crying Child Tased Texas
A police deputy from Texas was arrested and charged on Friday after she reportedly tased her three children with a government-issued taser that belonged to her boyfriend. This is a representational image. Francisco Gonzalez/Unsplash.

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