Presidential Election 2012 & Latest Electoral College Map: Romney-Biden Administration Possible with Electoral Tie

Electoral Map
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The race to the White House is stiff and while the campaigns are out in full force, there could be possibility that the leader of the free world could be President Romney with assistance from Vice President Biden

Yes, there could be a Romney-Biden administration that will take office in January 2013, but only if President Obama and Romney tie in the electoral college. 

To break the tie, the House of Representatives and the Senate will elect the next President of the United States.

The GOP has a strong control in the House of Representatives and will more than likely keep that control on Election Day. 

Despite the number of people representing states in the House, each state will cast one vote for the president.

Here's how ABC's Jon Karl explains it: 

"So California, with 53 Representatives (majority of them Democrats), would likely cast its single vote for Obama.  South Dakota with just one Representative (Republican), would get equal weight and likely cast its vote for Romney, and so on. Even if the Democrats win control of the House, the Republicans would almost certainly still control a majority of the state delegations. Bottom line:  Romney wins."

Currently, the Democrats control the Senate and is expected to retain that control on Nov. 6.

If there is a tie, the Senate votes for the vice president and based on projections, the Senate will choose Biden as vice president. If there is a tie in the Senate, the President of the Senate, who is Biden, will break the tie. So essentially, Biden will vote in his favor to keep the office of the vice president.

The race could end up in a 269-269 tie. Both candidates need 270 electoral vote to be elected.

According to ABC projections, If the president wins, in addition to the states he is expected to carry, Ohio, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, he will rack up 269 electoral votes. If Romney wins, in addition to the states he is expected to carry, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Nevada, he will also rack up 269 electoral votes. 


Electoral Map
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According to Nate Sliver's New York Times blog "FiveThirtyEight," there is only about a 0.6 percent chance that the race to the White House will end up in a tie. 

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