Imagine living in an era where love, war and devil creatures dominate the world; that's exactly what revolves around the new film of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" that will be released on February 5, 2016. Latin Times recently sat down with the stars of the movie, Lily James, Matt Smith and​ Douglas Booth to discussed the unique twist on Jane Austen’s widely celebrated novel.“You can expect the unexpected, love, romance, horror, pride, prejudice and zombies,” the actors said, "is like the spice girls with swords and handsome charismatic men,” Smith jokingly added.

The audience will experience a mix of horror and comedy, that might surprise some people since we’re talking about the undead, “I think they both go hand in hand beautifully, I think this sort of platform for this film to be funny is quite interesting because you can be more expressionistic and bolder with the characters,” Smith shared as he had some of the most hilarious moments playing Mr. Collins.

Yet, girl power was not forgotten throughout the film as the sword-wielding heroine and martial arts expert, Elizabeth Bennet, was one of the strongest roles in the story, "actually that was my favorite part of the film," Lily James explained," doing all the stunts and the fighting I really love it and it allows you as an actor to sort of get outside of your head and be quite in the moment because you concentrate in the physical rather than the internal, it was great." 

Two main factors contradict each other in this saga, passion and pride, consequently; we had to ask the artists if they believed in love at first sight, James and Smith instantly smiled and said "yes," but Booth had a different opinion, "I’ll be controversial and I’ll say that I don’t, because how can you love someone at first sight when you don’t know what their like inside,” adding that it will be completely aesthetic if he said he believed in that theory. Check out more details and secrets of the historical horror mashup in the video below.