Rumors that Prince William and the other royal family members hating Prince Andrew would add to the misery if the Duke of York is already down with Virginia Roberts Giuffre's lawsuit.

Times of London said the Duke of York is a "threat" to the royal family and the Duke of Cambridge. According to the newspaper, William is not a fan of Andrew. Reports even mentioned that William, like the rest of the royals, believes Prince Andrew's exclusion from public life should be indefinite.

"There is no way in the world he's ever coming back, the family will never let it happen," a royal source says.

Reports said that one of the "triggers" that "particularly gets" William is Prince Andrew's apparent "ungracious and ungrateful" attitude toward his position.

Sources in the Times' article (via Business Insider) described Prince Andrew as "a self-important bore," "a total d***head, an arrogant shit," "a total diva," and "deeply unpleasant."

When Andrew appeared to be on the run from being served the Giuffre legal papers, he went straight to her Scottish summer residence, Balmoral. However, the Times reports that the widely circulated rumor that he is her favorite kid is untrue. She is more concerned with safeguarding the institution than with Andrew.

According to the European newspaper, Prince Charles "loves his brother," but Giuffre's case is causing "unwelcome reputational damage to the institution." A way back for the duke, in Charles' opinion per the informant, is impossible. The source added that the shadow of this accusation suspects its head with a ghastly system.

What is Andrew's reaction to this family dispute? Insiders also told Times that the palace might be "much more supportive and engaged" in the Giuffre case. A source close to Andrew said the royals have jammed their fingers in their ears and gone, make it stop, make it go away.

Andrew's dilemma, which the Times delves into in painful detail, is that no one in his family or in royal circles has anything kind to say about him. No one, to be precise. Andrew is described as obnoxious, arrogant, and unpleasant, which explains the deafening silence of those who wish to help him.

Business Insider said the Queen is enabling Andrew to preserve his honorary military title of colonel of the Grenadier Guards unit of the British Army. Meanwhile, as the one-year review period of his "step back" from royal life came to an end, Prince Harry had to surrender his military titles.

Prince Charles and Priince Andrew
Prince Charles (L) and Prince Andrew depart after attending the Garter service at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, in Windsor, in south-east England, 18 June 2007. Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

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