Prince Andrew has a long and arduous path ahead of him.

The Duke of York is on trial for the murder of Virginia Giuffre, and renowned US federal prosecutor Mitchell Epner predicts a bloodbath.

He also believes that Prince Andrew will lose the lawsuit regardless of what happens.

According to the expert, even if he wins the case, the royal's "dirty laundry" will have been revealed for all to see.

Epner told The Sun : "If he goes to trial, he will either lose by having a verdict against him or he will lose because it will be the most pyrrhic victory in history because every single bit of dirty laundry he's ever had will be aired out in public."

In August 2021, Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, stating that she was forced to have sex with the Duke three times while she was a minor.

If Giuffre decided to remove her desire for a jury trial and have the case heard by a judge, the lawyer said that the demand for a jury was "a standard thing" he had to undertake.

He wouldn't be "trapped in front of the court," who has previously "expressed considerable animosity toward Prince Andrew's lawyers."

The royals' legal team attempted to get the case dismissed. However, BBC News said the lawsuit has already been approved by a judge.

According to OK magazine, Prince Andrew has requested a jury trial "on all causes of action asserted in the case," which Epner believes is a "common thing" to do if the plaintiff withdraws her request for a jury trial.

The father-of-plea two's for a jury trial, according to Epner, will prevent him from being "stuck" in front of a judge who has shown "enormous disdain towards" the royal's counsel.

He also addressed the Duke of York's charges and the now-famous 2001 photograph of him with his arm around a teenage Giuffre taken at Ghislaine Maxwell's residence.

Epner said: "40-year-old men don't just randomly put their arms around 16 or 17-year-old girls they do not know, are not related to, or not the children of friends at random parties. That does not occur.

Despite the serious claims leveled against him, Prince Andrew has maintained his innocence, and his attorneys released a formal denial of the allegations on Wednesday.

They claimed that it had been too long since the incidents were reported, using Giuffre's "own wrong conduct" as an example.

Prince Harry will no longer be able to use the title "His Royal Highness" and will have to face his case as a "private person," NPR said, meaning he will be unable to hide behind royal privileges.

File picture of Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew looks on after being greeted by Professor Romy Lawson, Provost of Murdoch University on arrival at Murdoch University on October 02, 2019 in Perth, Australia. The Duke of York is on a working visit to Perth hosting events as part of Pitch@Palace Australia 3.0, aimed to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Australia, and provide international support and development opportunities for early-stage businesses. Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

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