Prince Charles and Camilla have reportedly refused to try New Zealand’s popular delicacy while on a royal tour in the country. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are currently on their weeklong tour in New Zealand but they have scheduled only three public walks within the duration of their stay in the country.  

Prince Charles and Camilla reportedly have a packed itinerary in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean they are giving the Kiwi people much chance to meet them. In fact, the royal couple is spending most of their time in New Zealand away from the prying eyes of the public.

On Monday, Prince Charles and Camilla visited The Hunting Lodge Vineyard for a wine tasting but the affair took place behind closed doors. A royal correspondent has revealed that the couple enjoyed the wine tasting event, but they refused to try the organic lamb cutlets that New Zealand is known for.

A photo of Prince Charles and Camilla surfaced on Monday, showing the Duchess of Cornwall having a sip of white wine at The Hunting Lodge Vineyard with Prince Charles looking at her. It remains unknown why the couple turned down the hotel’s invitation to try their lamb cutlets despite New Zealand’s culinary reputation, but it was revealed that the hotel especially prepared the delicacy to welcome the royal couple.

Before visiting The Hunting Lodge Vineyard, Prince Charles and Camilla visited the Mount Roskill War Memorial Park. This part of their itinerary was not revealed to the public, but a number of locals reportedly witnessed the couple in the popular site.

Joining Prince Charles and Camilla at the Memorial Park were a few people honoring Niue and New Zealand’s wartime contributions. One of the locals who were privileged to catch Prince Charles and Camilla at the park, Dorothy Sietu, said in an interview that seeing the future King of England in person sent her into an impromptu song and dance. Sietu was there to present a traditional sheet to the royal couple.

“I love to dance and sing,” she said. “I was so happy to meet the prince. He asked me about my gift and he was happy to get it. Camilla was happy too,” she added.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles 2012 06 05 - the Diamond Jubilee Balcony at Buckingham Palace - Camilla and Charles. Keith Laverack/Flickr