A royal analyst said that the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has not improved since the brothers rejoined in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

Russell Myers, a royal analyst, told Today Extra that the two princes' relationship is still "very strained." He thought it would take a long time and a lot of effort to reconcile.

"We saw it at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They didn't, unfortunately, hang out at all," the royal expert said. During those four days, the analyst said the brothers didn't spend any time together.

When co-host David Campbell said Prince William appeared to be blocking his younger brother's reconciliation efforts, Myers agreed, claiming he "saw it with [his] own eyes" during the ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral.

"I was in St. Paul's Cathedral, where I saw Harry sort of straining his neck to try and catch his brother's eye but didn't manage to at all," Myers added.

Myers believed Prince Harry was "desperate for approval" from Prince William.

"[He is] caught in this sort of no man's land that he wants to get on with the rest of his life with Meghan in California," Myers added.

The royal expert also told Prince Harry to stop giving TV interviews since doing so and slamming his family every now and then will complicate the healing process.

Meanwhile, Rebecca English, a royal writer for the Daily Mail, spoke with friends of the royal brothers ahead of Prince William's birthday. The so-called "future monarch" recently turned 40 years old.

The vast majority of Prince William's affairs are in order. He is happily married to Kate Middleton, has healthy children, and has repaired his connection with his father, Prince Charles. The only thing that worried him was his strained relationship with his younger brother, Prince Harry.

According to a friend with whom English spoke, Prince William feels conflicted about his younger brother.

"He alternates between grieving for what he has lost and feeling really, really angry about what his brother has done," an insider told English.

The insider added: "[Prince William] truly loves Harry and feels he has lost the only person, aside from his wife, who understood this strange life of theirs. But he believes there are things you just don't do. And Harry has 100 percent crossed that line."

According to another insider, the future king has been quite protective of Prince Harry. He does, however, have a "very low tolerance" for anyone disrespectful to him.

Despite this, the insider anticipated that Prince William would "keep the door open" for his younger brother, given their close relationship. Many people believe that Prince William and Prince Harry will reconcile in the future.

According to individuals who talked to English, the second in line to the throne disapproves of his brother's actions, particularly the broadcast interviews in which he discussed their family problems.

"William is also very principled and believes Harry has crossed a line. He's thrown accusation after accusation, knowing that silence is the family's only option because it doesn't want to get dragged into a public slanging match," the source added.

Prince Harry appeared to criticize Prince Charles' parenting when he stated that when it comes to raising his own children, he wanted to take a different method. He further revealed that after he resigned down from his royal duties, the Prince of Wales stopped returning his calls and even cut him off financially.

The Duke of Sussex also alleged that his father, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince William, were both victims of the system. He stated that he was fortunate to be allowed to depart.

According to the insider, Prince William saw how disturbed and devastated his father was by his brother's actions.

The tipster mentioned: "William is absolutely allergic to drama, but Harry has ensured that the family laundry is being aired on a global scale."

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Peter Phillips walk behind Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh's coffin, carried by a Land rover hearse, in a procession during the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle on April 17, 2021 in Windsor, United Kingdom. Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark was born 10 June 1921, in Greece. He served in the British Royal Navy and fought in WWII. He married the then Princess Elizabeth on 20 November 1947 and was created Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich by King VI. He served as Prince Consort to Queen Elizabeth II until his death on April 9 2021, months short of his 100th birthday. His funeral takes place today at Windsor Castle with only 30 guests invited due to Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Photo by Mark Large-WPA Pool/Getty Images

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