While the British royal family is known throughout the world, some members are more popular than others. In a survey last year, Prince Harry came out on top closely, followed by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

But as J. K. Rowling once said in a Harry Potter book, “Fame is a fickle, Harry.” Indeed, less than a year later, another royal actually dislodged the Duke of Sussex from the top spot — his older brother, Prince William. Here’s how the rest of the royal family members ranked according to the new 2019 survey.

Prince William (73 Percent)

The Duke of Cambridge is now the most popular royal according to the 2019 Opinium Monarchy Tracker survey. Prince William got a 73-percent positive rating among those surveyed.

William’s rank is an improvement from his number 3 spot in a YouGov survey in 2018. Moreover, he was able to maintain his positive opinion rating as he was also rated at 73 percent in the previous year’s survey.

Queen Elizabeth II (70 Percent)

Meanwhile, Her Majesty managed to hold on to the second spot in the recent survey where she got a positive rating of 70 percent. Percentage wise, however, the Queen dove a few points as she was rated 74 percent last year.

Prince Harry (70 Percent)

Meanwhile, Prince Harry dropped one rank this year as he is now tied with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the number 2 spot. Both of them got a 70-percent positive rating in the recent survey. Last year, Harry was ranked first. He was previously rated at 77 percent.

Kate Middleton (62 Percent)

Duchess Catherine is up one notch in the recent rankings. She is now the third most popular royal with a positive opinion rating of 62 percent. Last year, Kate was ranked fourth. However, her previous positive rating of 64 percent is higher.

Prince Charles And Prince Philip (40 Percent)

Prince Charles is tied at fourth with his father, Prince Philip. Both royals got a positive rating of 40 percent.

Meghan Markle (39 Percent)

The Duchess of Sussex is currently ranked fifth with an approval rating of 39 percent. She was ranked sixth last year with an approval rating of 55 percent.

Prince Harry and Prince William Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, during the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial. Chris Jackson/Getty Images