Prince Philip’s poor relationship with his son, Prince Charles, may have a lot to do with his traumatic childhood. In a past interview, the heir to the British throne described his father as “harsh” and “hectoring,” admitting that he grew up being distant from him.

For his part, Prince Philip admits he and his son are the total opposites because of their different upbringing. “Charles is a romantic and I’m a pragmatist,” he said. “That means we do see things differently. And because I don’t see things as a romantic would, I’m unfeeling,” he added.

According to Prince Philip, he grew up neither warm nor affectionate because of his tough childhood. He revealed that he grew up without a father, moving from country to country without anyone to confide in. With his mother in a psychiatric clinic, his father exiled and his sister gone, he was forced to live alone and depend on no one at an early age.

In Philip Eade’s book “Young Prince Philip: His Turbulent Early Life,” the author revealed how his traumatic childhood shaped Prince Philip into the man he is today. Without his parents and sister around, he decided to move to Scotland from Germany to study. At the Gordonstoun School, he channeled all his energy and emotions into sports and stage plays without anyone ever coming to visit him during his five years there.

It was during his time at the Royal Naval College that he met the 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth, whom he married a few years later. By the time they got married, Prince Philip had no birthright, no home, no nationality and no religion — he had no identity to lose.

Although Prince Philip did a great job as a royal consort, he was not much of a father figure to Prince Charles. Because he was busy attending to his royal duties, Prince Philip was away for most of Prince Charles’ formative years. It was hard for Prince Philip to be the kind of father Prince Charles needed, primarily because he grew up not having one. Prince Charles grew up hating his father so much that he even blamed him for the fallout of his marriage to Princess Diana.

Prince Philip Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (C), in his role as Captain General, Royal Marines, makes his final individual public engagement as he attends a parade to mark the finale of the 1664 Global Challenge. Hannah McKay - WPA Pool/Getty Images