Remember a time when Prince William and Kate Middleton steered clear of any form of PDA? Well, that’s changing.

The Cambridges took fans and followers by surprise after posting a rather candid glamor shot of themselves. The snap was shot during their recent trip to Ireland. Was this a subtle dig at Meghan and Harry who’re famous for their open display of affection?

Speculations are rife that the Cambridges are making conscious efforts to step up their Instagram game. It is believed Harry and Meghan’s mammoth social media fame was one of the main triggers behind it. Hinting at the same, royal expert Sophia Money-Coutts said, “Harry and Meghan hold hands the whole time, so it was a sort of 'so can we, we’re in love too.”

Getting down to the facts, Harry and Meghan are the Internet’s favorites. Truth be told, William and Kate pale in comparison to the publicity that the Sussexes enjoy.

The Sussexes alone have amassed a whopping17,867,162 of the total 24,377,458 likes garnered by both the royal accounts. What needs to be noted is that both enjoy over 11.2 million followership, individually. What’s more, seven out of the 10 photographs from both the accounts belong to the Sussexes account, leaving only 6.5 million likes that belong to the Kensington Royal account.  

The fact that Meghan is media’s favorite muse and almost always finds a way to be on tabloids, it isn’t really surprising. What needs to be noted is that the recent past has been nothing short of one roller coaster ride for Harry and Meghan, which in a way egged on fans to keep close tabs on the royal couple for updates and everything and between.

While it’s (kind of) royal protocol to not indulge in mushy PDAs, things are definitely changing. For instance, the Queen barely indulged in any form of PDA with Prince Philip to date. William and Kate seemed to have followed suit up until now. They’ve always maintained that they are emotionally close, but never believed the need for PDA.

Perhaps, the desire to make a stronger social media presence could be one of the reasons as the Cambridges are equally charming and young too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their recent trip to Ireland Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton recently shared a glamor shot of themselves, during their visit to Ireland. Instagram