Prince William, reportedly, had his teeth fixed. According to a report, the Duke of Cambridge had to undergo subtle cosmetic dentistry after accidentally knocking out his tooth while attending a society wedding in 2014.

Prince William is the second in line to the throne. Not so many people know, however, that even a royal-like him cannot escape a trip to the dentist. In fact, there was a time when he had to make an unplanned visit to the dentist after chipping a tooth during a party.

Sometime in 2014, Prince William was invited to the high society wedding of his good friends Tom van Straubenzee and Lady Melissa Percy, where he had the chance to party with some friends. According to an insider, Prince William had so much fun at the party that he teared up the dance floor with his funny dance moves.

“The prince lost part of one of his front teeth while fooling around with his close pal Tom Inskip during a high society wedding,” an insider revealed. While partying, his friend Inskip accidentally knocked him hard on the face that it broke his front tooth.

“William was dancing into the small hours when Tom knocked the tooth out on the dancefloor,” said one of the witnesses.

Instead of being angry, Prince William reportedly even made fun of the accident. According to the insider, he even joked that if Kate Middleton had gone into labor that night, he would have to smile for the cameras with a missing tooth.

It remains unknown how Prince William’s dentist remedied his broken tooth, but some expert dentists from The Implant Centre believe the Duke of Cambridge had his front teeth either crowned or veneered. According to them, Prince William’s pre and post-2014 photos show how the color of his upper front teeth has changed.

“In Prince William’s pre-2014 photos, his upper front teeth were similar in color,” said restorative dentist Matthew Rose. “However, post-2014 when it was rumored that he lost a tooth, the upper right central incisor looks lighter, and more aligned—as do the upper lateral incisors,” he noted.

Prince William Prince William at his royal wedding with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Comrade KingFollow/Flickr