Prince William and Prince Harry are wearing the exact same clothes in one of their throwback photos with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. But even if they are in matching attire, the expressions on their faces couldn’t be more different.

In the unearthed photo uploaded on Instagram by a royal fan, Prince Charles is carrying Prince Harry in his arms, while Princess Diana is carrying Prince William. The happy family is standing outside the palace.

Prince William and Prince Harry are both wearing a blue-and-white collared shirt with stripes on the sleeves. They are also wearing matching shorts. However, Prince Harry pairs his attire with his red shoes, and Prince William is wearing blue baby doll shoes.

Another notable thing about the adorable photo has to do with the expression on the young royals’ faces. Prince William is smiling from ear to ear while holding Princess Diana’s chest. Prince Harry, on the other hand, has a stern look on his face while holding Prince Charles’ chest.

Prince William’s resemblance to Princess Charlotte cannot also be denied. The Duke of Cambridge is roughly between the ages of 3 and 4 in the photo, and Princess Charlotte just turned 4 years old on May 2.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana are also smiling from ear to ear in their family picture. Prince Charles is wearing a blue polo shirt and oversized khaki pants. Princess Diana is wearing a floral cream sweater and green pleated skirt.

But the image of a happy royal family didn’t last very long. As Prince William and Prince Harry got older, they witnessed their parents fight nonstop. At one point, the young boys told their dad that they hated him for making their mom cry.

Prince William, who is two years older than Prince Harry, also had the maturity to understand what was going on in his family. On one occasion, he gave Princess Diana tissue because he heard her crying after a heated row with Prince Charles.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles at a parade in the Mall, London, during V.J. Day commemorations, August 1994. Terry Fincher/Getty Images