Residente not only released his first solo album in 2017, in addition to his hit song and video "Guerra," the artist who is currently on a world tour, which began in Mexico, and will close in his native Puerto Rico in December, gave the opportunity to the singer and composer PJ Sin Suela, to sing his repertoire at The Fillmore in Miami Beach.

The rapper from Puerto Rico who started to be recognized through his SoundCloud account, and real name is Pedro-Juan Vázquez Bragan, sang a total of 10 songs to the public. In an exclusive interview for Latin Times, the Puerto Rican told us how was the experience and the reaction of the present with his music. 

"The experience was brutal," said the singer. "The concert was super packed and people had a positive vibe." PJ confessed that at first he felt the classic nerves of being the opening act, but as time went by the fans began to enjoy his music. "After each song I felt better and better, and people started chanting the songs, stood up and danced and that seemed super cool," added the singer who will release his first album in the remainder of 2017.

"My album is called 'Vital' and I'll be releasing some singles before releasing it," PJ said. "Soon they will be able to enjoy the single that is called 'Escoliosis' and will be coming out now in September." The singer also told Latin Times that soon he would give his fans a song called "Lo Que Nadie Queria Que Fuera", which happens to be the first track on his upcoming album.

PJ Sin Suela also said that his creative process when composing a song is organic and a quiet time. "I listen to the music repetitively in my speakers, then I start to write. That's my introverted moment," he said. "I have songs that I wrote in one day and others that took me up to two months." The singer says that the length of his composition process depends on what he writes is emotional or something more conceptual.

PJ Sin Suela PJ Sin Suela will release his album "Vital" in 2017. Photo: Getty Images

"My music is real, you can know me through my lyric, since everything I write is authentic," said the composer referring to how he would describe his music. PJ continue saying that he is willing to do a duet with singers outside of his genre as Joaquin Sabina or Jorge Drexler, and expressed his respect and great admiration for them.

PJ invited all his fans to follow him on social networks to connect more directly with him, and likewise recommends listening to his music that is already available in Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

Pedro-Juan Vázquez Bragan, better know as PJ Sin Suela is a singer-songwriter from Puerto Rico. He is also a published author with a doctorate in medicine. While in College he experimented doing music, and would do mix tapes in his bathroom which would double as a recording studio.

He would "give away" his music, and he started seeing how people would react and how the audience grew. This led him to record a 13 track "Mix tape" titled "Letra pa'tu coco" which led him to perform in all the most important stages in Puerto Rico, and music festivals such as SXSW and Isle of Light. His debut album will be released in 2017.