An ex-diplomat has cautioned that if Russia loses its stumbling war against Ukraine, evil Vladimir Putin could be assassinated and removed in a bloody coup, The Daily Star reported.

The insane Russian President is encountering opposition within the Kremlin as a result of the humiliating failures his violent invasion of the country in eastern Europe has suffered, including a decline in army morale and a shortage of ammunition.

The despot has been warned by former Russian politician Boris Bondarev that his circumstances are so bad that they may "force him to go to sleep and never wake up" by the elite of his own nation, said reports.

“I think there are chances Putin could be forced from office. But first, he must be regarded by his own people as a loser, as someone who lied and made them fools," he told MailOnline,

“They must see him as weak, and that will happen only if he is truly and widely defeated in Ukraine," he continued.

“If his defeat in Ukraine is widely understood, widely known to the general population and his elite, may force him to go to sleep and never wake up,” he added.

According to the expert, it won’t be the warmongerers in the Kremlin who oust the former KGB man, instead, it will be from the war leading to Putin’s widespread unpopularity within the Russian populace.

It was alarmingly stated by Bondarev that the Russian President might consider using nuclear weapons as he becomes more desperate to see the gains in the war.

But it’s not just humiliating losses in Ukraine that are currently troubling the Russian President, with rumors of his deteriorating health adding to his list of worries.

Putin reportedly fell down a stairway in his home a few days ago, injuring himself, according to recent reports.

He is scheduled to have surgery from a colon and rectal specialist as a result of the accident, according to leaks on Telegram quoting sources inside the Kremlin. The 70-year-old was later seen cautiously walking down the stairs of his plane.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with leadership of military-industrial complex enterprises in Tula. Photo by: Reuters/SPUTNIK

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