On November 20, 2019, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew issued a statement via the Buckingham Palace press office that he will be stepping back “from public duties for the foreseeable future”. He mentioned that the Queen has granted him permission to do so in the wake of his disastrous interview with BBC about his friendship with paedophile financier, Jeffrey Epstein. 

In the statement, Andrew spoke about how his “ill-judged” association with Epstein has become a “major disruption” to the royal family’s work and the social service done by the charities associated with him. “It has become clear to me over the last few days that the circumstances relating to my former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organisations and charities that I am proud to support.”

But contrary to the Royal statement, reports are that the Queen, with the aid of Prince Of Wales, sacked Prince Andrew from Royal duties following the Epstein scandal. The Duke of York was summoned to Buckingham Palace, where, in order to contain the long-term consequences of the Duke's “car crash interview” about his friendship Jeffrey Epstein, he was relieved from his royal duties. 

“The Queen summoned the Duke to Buckingham Palace to tell him her decision. It was a devastating moment for both of them. His reputation is in tatters. It is unlikely he will ever perform royal duties again. He is disgraced,” one of Andrew’s friends reportedly said

The royal statement was apparently a cover up for the disgraced prince to bow out gracefully.  In his statement, the Duke shared that with his mother's permission, he is “stepping down” from public duties. As he will no longer be fulfilling Royal duties, he will lose his £249,000 annual income from the Sovereign Grant though his income from the Queen's private funds will continue.

“When the Queen and the Prince of Wales stand firm together they are a pretty formidable combination in terms of getting things done,” a royal insider said.

While it has been confirmed that the decision is temporary, no time frame has been set after which Andrew can resume office. But as a member of the Royal Family, he will be attending events like the Christmas Day service at Sandringham and Trooping the Colour.