As the world’s longest-reigning monarch alive, Queen Elizabeth has been working tirelessly for almost seven decades since she ascended the throne in 1952. While she is already past what most people believe to be the ideal retirement age, recently revealed first-quarter data on her number of engagements this year reveal that Her Majesty does not seem to be letting up.

Queen Elizabeth has been grooming Prince Charles and Prince William as her successors to the throne for decades. To ease that transition when it happens, she has already turned over a number of important responsibilities to the younger royals. But that does not mean that the 93-year-old monarch is enjoying a work-free life either.

In fact, Her Majesty is still the fourth busiest royal this year, according to data from the Write Royalty website. The Queen appeared in around 60 engagements during the first three months this year.

The busiest royal for January to March of 2019 is the heir apparent, Prince Charles. He made around 160 engagements for the three-month period. At second place is his younger sister, Anne, Princess Royale, who appeared in 118 engagements, while in the third place is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with her 80 engagements for the same period.

Members of the Fab Four were also among the top 15 busiest royals for the first quarter of 2019. Prince William is ranked seventh; Prince Harry is eighth; Megan, Duchess of Sussex, is surprisingly ranked eleventh despite her pregnancy; followed by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, at twelfth.

Despite very low key, Queen Elizabeth’s youngest child, Prince Edward, is actually busier than the Fab Four and is ranked fifth, right after the monarch. He is followed by his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Wessex, who is ranked the sixth busiest.

Her Majesty was also very busy last year even after handing over some of her duties to her successors. In 2018, she managed to attend to almost 300 official events.

But Prince Charles was also busiest last year with more than 500 engagements. He is followed by Princess Anne, who almost reached the 500 mark, while Prince Edward was the third and Prince Andrew the fourth.

Before she handed over foreign visitations to Prince Charles, the Queen was the most-traveled monarch. Estimates say that she probably traveled more than a million miles in official overseas tours and has visited 106 countries.

Royal Family Queen Elizabeth II with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence; Princess Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex; and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, attend the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 10, 2018, in London, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images