Buckingham Palace
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A royal footman was rushed to the hospital after being hit on the head by a falling glass panel at Buckingham Palace. He has reportedly survived.

The 22-year-old member of staff at Buckingham Palace, Louis Williams, was allegedly found unconscious and covered in bruises and cuts. According to his friends, Williams was "in a bad way" and lucky to have survived.

According to The Sun, the young footman was on duty and walking along a covered path before being accidentally struck by the pane last month. Williams lives at the palace and has been working as a senior footman for three-and-a-half years.

"Louis was very lucky to only have suffered cuts and bruises — but he has scars and head injuries. Everyone is saying he is very lucky to be alive. They have spent years and millions of pounds renovating the palace — but bits are still falling down," a source stated. William's family did not wish to comment.

Meanwhile, another source pointed concern for Queen Elizabeth's safety, saying, "Luckily the Queen wasn't there. What if the glass had fallen on her? It doesn't bear thinking about." The British monarch had lunch at the Palace last week, but she has visited only twice in two years. She has not stayed the night since the coronavirus pandemic started.

The Queen has decided to reside in Windsor Castle permanently. She is reportedly opting for a "work from home" set up to engagements and is expected to meet dignitaries and officials at her Berkshire home. Claims emerged that the 95-year-old monarch will never move back to Buckingham Palace as it is undergoing a 10-year, £369 million ($480 million) renovations until 2027.

This is the Palace's most extensive refurbishment since before the Second World War. Buckingham Palace first started being built in 1703. Despite the ongoing repair, it remains the central base of the British monarchy. Also, a variety of royal engagements are occasionally carried out there.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said, "The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance. The remaining glass panels were immediately removed, an investigation into the incident launched and an independent examination of all glass-covered canopies was carried out."

Buckingham Palace
A general view of Buckingham Palace on February 20, 2022 in London, England. Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

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