Queen Elizabeth penned a secret letter addressed to the residents of Sydney, Australia. The letter will remain unopened and locked inside a vault for the next 63 years. Sealed and accompanied with instructions for Sydney’s Lord Mayor, no other details about it are known except that it can only be read in the year 2085. The note was handwritten in November 1986 to mark the restoration of the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney CBD. The building was opened to the public in 1898 and was named in honor of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in the previous year.

The content of the letter is a mystery although it may likely contain the Queen’s message of gratitude for saving the historic edifice after it was nearly demolished and converted into a public parking lot, 7 news.com.au reported.

The mysterious letter is kept sealed inside a glass case and placed in a restricted domed area at the top of the Queen Victoria Building. It was in 1986 that a Malaysian company contracted a 99-year lease on the QVB which coincidentally ends in 2085, the same specified year the letter is to be opened and made public. No one knows why the monarch chose this year, not even her personal staff have an idea what the letter contains.

“On a suitable day to be selected by you in the year 2085 AD, would you please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message to them,” the Queen wrote and simply signed it “ Elizabeth R.”

Queen Elizabeth visited Australia a total of 16 times and remains the only reigning sovereign to have visited the Down Under.

“ … it was clear Her Majesty held a special place in her heart for Australia,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was quoted. “Fifteen more tours before cheering crowd in every part of our country confirmed the special place she held in ours,” he added.

As a Commenwealth country, the Queen served as Australia’s head of state for 70 years. When she became Queen in 1952 at the young age of 25 – she made her first trip to Australia, New York Post reported. Over 1 million people turned up in Sydney to see her. Her last visit was in 2011.

Queen Elizabeth II looking at Queen Victoria's Autograph fan
TOPSHOT - A picture released in London on February 4, 2022, and taken last month, shows Britain's Queen Elizabeth II looking at Queen Victoria's Autograph fan, alongside a display of memorabilia from her Golden and Platinum Jubilees, in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle, west of London. - Queen Elizabeth II on February 6, 2022, becomes the first British monarch to reign for 70 years, heralding the start of her Platinum Jubilee year despite her retreat from public view. But the landmark date this weekend will see little fanfare, as the 95-year-old monarch traditionally spends the anniversary of the death of her father in private. Photo by Steve Parsons/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

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