Betty Pino was admitted to the hospital on July 15 where she was subsequently placed in an induced coma after suffering a bacterial infection. Two days before that, on July 13, the radio pioneer wrote what would be her last Facebook message that now takes another perspective. When we read that message now, it seems to be a prophetic goodbye to us all.

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"Bad things are behind. Now let us only receive the good things that come into our lives. There are many beautiful things that you have been waiting for. Life has changed for you. And do you know why? Because you let God into your life," Pino posted on her Facebook page on July 13 at 9:58pm.

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She then concludes her post saying, "Now he [God] is your friend and is the one that dictates your path. He will know how to take you to the path of truth, happiness, love and success. Good night.

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What will you miss the most of Betty Pino?