Queen Elizabeth II loves her pet dogs, but there was a time when their actions led to an awkward moment. The hilarious scene has been described by the royal dresser Angela Kelly in her new book “The Other Side of the Coin: the Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe,” details of which have surfaced online.

The incident took place at the Buckingham Palace, when the Queen’s jeweler visited. Harry Collins from G. Collins & Sons was there on that day to deliver a brooch, Express reported.

After Collins handed over the brooch he started to walk back, thinking that it was the etiquette at the palace not to show one’s back to the Queen. Walking back, however, meant that he did not notice the monarch’s dog Linnet lying on the floor behind him.

“He tripped over Linnet and ended up next to the dog, lying spread-eagled on the carpet,” Kelly noted in her book. Collins was “terrified” about hurting the Queen’s pet. He “frantically” rubbed the pet’s chest and “profusely” apologized to the monarch.

The Queen apparently was calm about the incident and told Collins not to worry about it. She further added that it was not his fault, and joked that her dogs had a “terrible habit of lying in the most awkward places.”

While a guest tipping over her pet was a hilarious moment, there was a time when the behavior of the dogs was of some concern. Back in 1991, the Queen got injured while trying to break up a fight of ten or more dogs on the grounds of Windsor Castle, Express reported.

The Queen was bitten on the hand when she tried to break up the fight. The cut was so severe that she needed three stitches. The Queen Mother’s chauffeur John Collins was also injured by the dogs and he had to be taken to the hospital to get a tetanus shot.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II waves from the balcony of Buckingham Palace flanked by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (L); Prince William (2R); and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, (R) as they celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in London on June 5, 2012. STEFAN WERMUTH/AFP/GettyImages