Domestic violence has become a huge problem nationally as many people are either suffering in silence or losing their lives. Chicago Bears star Ray McDonald has had his share of run-ins with the law pretaining to domestic violence incidents and now ffotage has surfaced of a violent exchange between him and the mother of his child.

According to TMZ, footage of the terrifying 2015 standoff between ex-NFL player Ray McDonald and the mother of his child that was at the center of his domestic violence case has surfaced and the video is pretty hard to watch.


The footage shows the ex-49ers star cornering the woman in a dining room around 4 AM on May 25 th. The sad part about it all is that the whole incident went down while she was holding their 2-month-old child. 

In the video, you can see McDonald's driver trying to calm down the massive defensive tackle while the woman is desperately pleading with him to go away. McDonald tells the woman " I just want you out of my life" while she pleads for him to leave her alone.

After a tense 4 minutes, the driver says to Ray, "Let's go. She will get ready and she's being picked up. Please, Ray."

That's when a chase begins and the woman locks herself in a bathroom while screaming at the top of her lungs. 

The site reveals that cops were called to the scene and prosecutors later charged McDonald with domestic violence and felony false imprisonment. However, after seeing the video, a grand jury refused to indict and the charges were dropped. 

Although McDonald was able to escape legal woes, the footage being viewed all around is enough for hi to become the latest casualty in the NFL. The NFL has a strict view on domestic violence as many players in the past have lost their careers stemming from violent actions.

Robin Yeamans, the woman's attorney revealed her sentiments about the case. "It's one of the most horrific videos I've seen and heard in my 46 years of practicing law."

Yeamans reveals that her client is now working with teams on and to push the NFL to start a Domestic Violence Victim's Fund to "to ensure that the victims and children of abusive players receive medical, counseling, and legal support paid by the league."