rio de janeiro slums
Cidade de Deus is one of the first Favelas in the city, and famous for the movie with the same name made by the Brazilian cinematographer Fernando Meirelles. (Photo by Carlos Becerra/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Regina Murmura, an elderly woman in Brazil was killed in a drive-by shooting after she and her husband followed Waze directions into a Favela, CNN reports. Murmura and her husband Francisco were using the GPS to meet their daughter for pizza in a nearby beach-side suburb, the couple used the app, thinking it would lead them to an avenue in Niteroi, a large city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro. However, it led them to another street of the same name in one of the city's most dangerous slum areas. The gang that runs the neighborhood shot at their car with twenty bullets, killing Murmura. Francisco was uninjured and managed to drive away, their daughter told reporters.

Waze has expressed their condolences but explained that the app is not designed to take people only to safe areas, "It's difficult to prevent drivers from navigating to a dangerous region if this is the destination selected because people who live in these areas need to get home," a spokeswoman said in an e-mail. The company added that they would meet with officials at the Operations Center in Rio de Janeiro this week "to understand how the city is addressing the risk of driving throughout Rio de Janeiro."

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