After the parents of a 7-year-old girl were reportedly arrested following the child’s death, 12 more members of a religious group followed suit.

The girl, identified as Elizabeth Struhs, died on Jan. 7 at a home located the south of Brisbane. She was a type one diabetic and was allegedly denied insulin for about a week, reported.

Her parents were arrested earlier this year, charged with murder, torture and failing to provide Elizabeth the necessities of life. Now, 12 more were arrested whose ages ranged from 19 to 64 years old.

It appears that the group was aware of the sensitive condition of the 7-year-old at the time but did not seek help according to the Queensland Police.

The parents of Elizabeth were identified as Jason and Kerrie Struhs, both members of a small-knit religious group in the city of Toowoomba that is not associated with any mainstream church.

According to authorities, the couple and others prayed for Elizabeth’s recovery as she grew gravely ill. However, authorities were not called in until the seven-year-old died a day after.

"In my 40 years of policing, I've never faced a matter like this," Detective Acting Superintendent Garry Watts stated. "And I'm not aware of a similar event in Queensland, let alone Australia."

A fundraiser has been set to help support the siblings of Elizabeth. According to her elder sister, Jayde Struhs, the family has been left heartbroken and shattered by the developments.

"We have faced the brutal reality that the people who should have protected her did not, and we may never know the full extent of what took place," Jayde wrote.

She also added that her parents were part of a group behind a fear-driven cult, taking religion to the extremes.

The 12 people are set to appear in court on Wednesday. Jason and Kerri Struhs, on the other hand, are scheduled to appear before a court in July.

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