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60-year-old Andrew Griggs was jailed for life for the murder of his first wife Debbie Griggs, 34, in Oct 2019 after she disappeared from the family home in Deal, Kent in May 1999. She was four months pregnant when she went missing, said reports.

The authorities were never able to find the victim's body for over 20 years.

Andrew and his second wife moved to a new house along with Debbie’s three young sons in 2001.

Human remains were found in the garden of the house he moved to 21 years ago in Dorset. On Oct 17 it was confirmed by the Kent Police that the remains belonged to his first wife.

An excavation that began at the beginning of the month found remains that included fragments of teeth which were later confirmed to be Debbie's with a post-mortem.

Further tests will be carried out to understand how the pregnant mom died.

Andrew Griggs is believed to have moved the remains from Kent to Dorset when he moved house.

The three kids of the couple grew up believing that their dad was innocent, unaware of the fact that their mother's remains were under the very garden they played on.

Andrew's mom, Pamela Griggs, 86, said “ I actually bought the house with my late husband."

“Andrew and the three boys moved in with us after she went missing. I helped bring them up."

“They used to play in the garden and do all the things young boys do."

“We had no idea what had happened to their mother just that she had gone off."

“We lived there with them for eight years before we moved out and bought a bungalow but we visited Andrew, his new wife, and the boys regularly,” she added.

On May 5, 1999, Debbie was reported missing by Griggs while she was four months pregnant. He claimed that she had left the family home in a rage after he came home and fell asleep. A few days after she disappeared, her car, a white Peugeot 309, was found in an abandoned manner 1.3 miles from their home in Walmer.

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