Former Haitian President René Préval died this Friday morning at the age of 74 after suffering  a heart attack. According to the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, who confirmed the news, the former president appeared for the last time at the inauguration of the actual president Jovenel Moise on February 7.

Preval was an agronomist and during his period experienced one of the worst moments on Haiti’s history when in 2010, the Caribbean country suffered from one of the works earthquakes to ever happen in Latin America.

As reported by the Miami Herald,  his wife, who wasn’t with him, said she had spoken to him "three times" Friday morning. "He was in excellent humor," said Delatour Préval, who is traveling. "He asked, 'When are you coming home?' I refused to believe it. I cannot believe it."

Also Jerry Tardieu, a member of the Lower House of Deputies, talked to the former president and says he had spent two hours with the him at his home only minutes before he died and left his home around 11 am. Préval wanted to meet with him to discuss a law to protect national production.

Some people have reacted to his surprising decease and these are some of the most notable reactions. 

Preval was the only Haitian head of state to have completed two terms since the fall of Jean-Claude Duvalier in 1986. He was president of Haiti on two occasions; in the periods 1996-2001 and 2006-2011. He is the only president in Haitian history to have served two full presidential terms and not be jailed, exiled or killed.