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Women across different groups are feeling anxious and frustrated about the elections, nevertheless, GOP women feel more energized to head to the polls AFP

NEW YORK CITY - With the 2024 presidential election just a few months away, women across party, age, race and ethnicity are feeling anxious and frustrated for what's to come. But regardless of these uncertainties, more Republican women feel motivated to head to the polls and vote for Trump than their Democratic counterparts, a recent poll reveals.

The results come from a new set of surveys profiling women voters by KFF, a health care research nonprofit group. The polls were taken of women both nationally and in battleground states of Arizona and Michigan.

According to the study, of women voters who cast ballots for Biden in 2020, 83% said they would vote for him again in 2024. 7% said they'll vote for Trump and 10% that they would vote for someone else or wouldn't vote.

By comparison, of the women who cast ballots for Trump in 2020, 92% said they would do so again this year. None said they'd vote for Biden and 7% said they'd vote for someone else or wouldn't vote.

However, these numbers get more nuanced when thinking about particular issues.

For instance, according to KFF, the issue of abortion is boosting Democratic women's eagerness to vote most in states with potential abortion-related ballot initiatives.

As of mid-June, there are 10 states where voters may be deciding on abortion access in November, including 4 states where abortion is already set to appear on the ballot. In these states, more than half (53%) of Democratic women voters say that they are more motivated to vote this year than in past elections, while in other states, more than half say they are just as motivated as in past elections or less motivated to vote this year (57%).

This can be due to the trend that, broadly, most women voters (54%) said that the 2024 presidential election will have a "major impact" on access to abortion and reproductive health care in the country— with Democratic women (71%) saying more than Republican women (37%) that it will have that "major impact".

These results come as women report different attitudes toward this race and its candidate. The poll found that the majority of women voters (60%) said they are not satisfied with their options for president this cycle, though Republican women are more motivated (53%) than Democratic women to vote (44%).

Similarly, a majority of women voters across parties say they feel "frustrated" (70%) and "anxious" (68%) about the upcoming election. This, however, doesn't necessarily mean they are apathetic, as only one in five women voters said they are "uninterested" in the election.

The 2024 elections are expected to be a close call, which is why experts argue that gaining support from certain demographics and minorities will be imperative for candidates.

That is why, both candidates are looking for different ways to call women's attention. For instance, a Biden campaign ad on abortion features a woman saying she almost died because of the Texas ban, blaming former President Trump for it.

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