'Rica Famosa Latina' Season 3 Cast
New additions to 'Rica Famosa Latina' cast promise to spice things up following a turbulent second season. EstrellaTV

"Rica Famosa Latina" is Estrella TV's smash hit reality show that follows a group of successful women in the Los Angeles area. The series closely resembles the format of Bravo's "Real Housewives" format. Now in its third season, the cast has gone through a shake-up. Joining the show this season is Niurka Marcos, that will surely bring in loads of drama as the Cuban personality does not shy away from speaking her mind. Also being added to the group is Mayeli Rivera, Lupillo Rivera's wife. The Rivera family had been featured prominently on the show as Rosie Rivera was part of the cast during the first two seasons, but seemed to have opted out of appearing a third year. Another new face this year will be Andrea Garcia, the actress and daughter of Andres Garcia. Returning Latinas include television host Victoria Del Rosal, Luzelba Mansour, Sandra Vidal and Sissi Fleitas.

Season 2 of "Rica Famosa Latina" ended in an epic encounter and fight between Estela Mora and Elisa Beristain. The latter barged into a restaurant Mora and Mansour were at and went bananas on her. Elisa was out of herself and attacked Estela for calling her crazy without any solid proof. The Argentine business woman feared for her life and did not attack back during what viewers saw on television. She called police and when they arrived producers were forced to turn off cameras. The last we see is Estela holding on to a camera and then handcuffed and arrested. During the reunion episode Elisa said that Estela started smacking a police officer and that was the reason she was arrested. Mora argues that she had taken one of the cameras because she wanted to protect the memory card to have as evidence at how Elisa came in attacking her.

Estela Mora decided not to participate in the reunion episode and viewers were not able to hear her side of the story. Sadly we will not be able to get a follow up on camera as both Estela Mora and Elisa Beristain will not participate in the third season. The latter provided a lot of drama with the group and it's astonishing why she will not be past of the cast. Perhaps her mouth has gotten her in trouble and decided to take a step back. Beristain had issues with Estela, and during the season 2 finale we saw when Rosie Rivera gave Elisa a letter from her lawyer because she was defaming her. Sissi Fleitas also gave her a similar letter during the reunion show. No premiere date has been announced, but "Rica Famosa Latina" Season 3 is expected to premiere sometime in September. Are you excited for the new cast?

UPDATE: "Rica Famosa Latina" Season 3 will premiere on September 21 at 7pm ET/PT on Estrella TV.

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