Believe it or not, actor Ricardo Alamo ("Juana La Virgen," "De Todas Maneras Rosa," "Toda Una Dama") has confirmed through his Instagram account that he is working as a taxi driver, responding to those people who have criticized him since few months ago.

In his message, he assures "on behalf of all the honest Venezuelans who are in the same situation" and stressed that "it's not time to destroy, it's time to unite, from whatever place we are, to make our contribution."

The actor published the following message: "For everyone that is talking, This is my profile, for those who don't know, it's a taxi service. We're out... Sweating... day and night. And I speak in plural, because I speak on behalf of all honest Venezuelans who are in the same situation. It is not time to destroy; it is time to unite, from whatever place we are, to make our contribution. Let us go forth united, firm and united. "

Alamo, who gained popularity in Venezuela and in several Latin American countries as a Telenovela actor and model, is currently in the city of Miami, United States, where he emigrated looking for a better future and trying to escape from Venezuela's reality.

Recently, the actor also called out Venezuelans and asked them to be more responsible with the situation in their country.

"Avoid the temptation of selfishness, to say that everything is beautiful ... Nothing is beautiful and nothing is perfect," he said through a video he posted in his account at Instagram on Sunday.

Alamo asked to make the sacrifice for his homeland and to support the country from where they are.

The actor's message came after a week in which the Venezuelan opposition called to fight in the streets against the government of Nicolás Maduro, and have been full of repression by security forces.