Ricardo Arjona got really mad while was interviewed by Camilo Egaña, a famous CNN en Español journalist, who made the singer leave in the middle of the show, after the presenter asked him questions related to his past critics about his music, according Merca2.0.

At first, the interview seemed to be very polite and well- guided. They talked about Arjona’s career and its development in countries like Argentina and Mexico. However, when Egaña began to ask about the criticisms about his lyrics and "poems" the singer-songwriter was bothered.

Egaña pointed the questions more to the criticism they make to Arjona than to the album he was promoting, then the singer got really angry and walked away. The show went to commercials and when they returned; Egaña explained that Arjona left the studio because they couldn’t agree on the meaning of his questions.

Egaña alluded to a march in 2012, which tried to discredit Arjona’s music under the motto: "No more false poetry." On this subject, Arjona, said that the march was false and also told the journalist not to speak bad things about him.

"That march was false. Do not speak ill of me if you have not spoken to me. There is a lot of pseudo-intellectual very dangerous," the singer said. Egaña continued with the subject and then he spoke about a writing made once by Colombian author, Ivan Gallo, who expressed: "At first glance Arjona could be a revolutionary."

There, among other strong words, Gallo wrote: "At first glance (Arjona) could be a revolutionary, one of those guys who, like Manu Chao, have hippie customs like traveling the continent in a car stop or choose as a bodyguard to a guard indigenous. But make no mistake, while the exlíder of Mano Negra is consistent with his speech, the Guatemalan is nothing more than a product made by the record companies to discredit cheating spinsters and clumsy aspiring philosophers.

Already uncomfortable with these statements, Arjona expressed the journalist had only collected bad things, rather than listening to his new album. "You've only collected bad things from me and you have not listened to my record, that seems a sin and you get out of the cloud where you were, I thought you were a well-intentioned communicator, if you collected the bad things that talked about me and you did not listen My record, I think this interview we have to suspend, "said Arjona, who was quite annoying.

Arjona continued: "It seems to me very bad taste" and accused him of not having listened to his record. "It's that the record came to me now," the presenter replied.

The singer has been promoting his new album "Circo Soledad" which will drop on April 21.

After the television incident, Ricardo Arjona called the journalist "Engaña" on Twitter and said he was "supposedly ready".

Egaña also answered the singer on Facebook with the following statement: 

Singer/songwriter Ricardo Arjona is confirmed to perform at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards, for the first time in the history of the show.