Senator Rick Scott
Senator Rick Scott in Sarasota county, Florida Facebook's page of Senator Rick Scott

Florida Senator Rick Scott is gearing up to launch a multi-million dollar ad buy targeting the state's Latino community, a key demographic that already comprises over a quarter of its population and has increasingly leaned to the Republican party in recent years.

According to NBC News, Scott's campaign plans to spend $700,000 a week in ads both in English and Spanish. They will be aired on multiple platforms, including TV, radio and streaming services.

Scott is seeking to cement his status as favorite over his contender, former Democratic Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. Democrats, in turn, have been recently energized by a Supreme Court ruling that allowed to include abortion rights on the ballot in November, an issue they consider can help them tip the scale in their favor.

The outlet reported that one of the ads will focus on Scott's "fight against the socialist agenda in Washington." "Socialism will kill the freedoms that create opportunity and erase the values that bind us together," Scott says in the ad. "I'm Rick Scott, America represents what is good and possible."

The two-term governor has also linked his opponent with this concept, which has resonated in the past with part of the electorate that left countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, led by authoritarian governments that portray themselves as socialist.

"Former Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell is a radical socialist who voted 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi during her short tenure in Congress, which is why the voters of South Florida booted her out of office the first chance they got," Scott said of Mucarsel-Powell when she entered the race last August.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. U.S. Congress

Mucarsel-Powell, on her end, has pushed back against this rhetoric, saying it's misinformation. "No amount of lies Rick Scott serves up will cover the fact that he has left Florida's Latino communities behind by attacking access to affordable health care, refusing to take action to end gun violence, and backing authoritarian laws to control Floridians' private health care decisions," said Lauren Chou, the spokeswoman for the Mucarsel-Powell campaign.

"Instead of fighting for economic opportunities, Rick Scott has prioritized cheap political games and stood by extremists who claim immigrants poison the blood of our country." "Latinos are fed up with Rick Scott — and that's why they'll support Debbie Mucarsel-Powell this November," she added.

However, Mucarsel-Powell faces a big challenge to unseat Scott. He is undefeated in statewide races and has spent vast sums to win races.

In an interview with The Latin Times last year, Scott chastised President Joe Biden's record on Latin America and outlined his vision for what the relationship with the region should be.

"The situation in Latin America is terrible and the reason is that (President Joe) Biden is not interested in democracy. He completely abandons those who are fighting for freedom in Latin America," said Scott during a passage of the conversation.

Talking about his approach to Latinos, he said that the "most important thing for Republicans to do is to talk to Hispanics and explain their positions." "My experience with Hispanics has taught me that they want good jobs, a good education for their children, and security in their homes and businesses, so I think it is important for all Republicans to reach out and talk to the Hispanic community."

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