The Vatican
The Vatican has pressed Archbishop González Nieves to step down for over five months. Reuters

San Juan de Puerto Rico's archbishop has been asked twice by the Vatican to step down from the head of the diocese in at least two occasions, local newspaper Vocero reports.

Roberto González Nieves answered in February to allegations made against him in the Vatican, especially the remarks signed by cardinal Marc Ouellet and his secretary, Lorenzo Baldisseri, in a meeting in Rome in December of last year.

"In such meeting, I was told I had to leave the diocese in San Juan and take another position within the Catholic church. The unfairness, prosecution, difamation can never be sources for the renounce of a bishop, or its fair cause. I want to make it clear that I would never leave the diocese of San Juan when there is no legitimate reason," he worte in a letter dated of Febrary 20.

"I was read a long list of accusation towards myself that surprised and concerned me. Firstly, for the falsehood that reigned in them all, and secondly, because I understood they marked me as guilty. I am not sure those accusations are definite or what investigation brought them up. From my experience and the real facts that I have unpeachable proof, such conclusions could have never arisen," he added.

The accusations he speaks of are of serious nature. Among others, González Nieves is accused of covering up pedophile cases, opening up an unjustified investigation of Reverend Edward Santana and trying to change the name of a holy site in Puerto Rico without the Vatican's permission.

González Nieves stated in a press conference on Monday that he will not be giving out interviews or speaking to the press until the case is clear with the Vatican.

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