Romeo Santos 'Formula, Vol. 2': Listen To New Single ‘Odio' Featuring Drake Singing In Spanish!

Romeo Santos
Romeo Santos released a new single from his upcoming album featuring Drake singing in Spanish. Wireimage

It’s so amazing to see the evolution of the Bachata genre right before our eyes. Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic in the early 20th century. Its subjects are often romantic with a focus on heartbreak and sadness. Originally it was referred to as “amargue” (bitterness) until the term Bachata became popular. Many years ago it was unthinkable to compare Bachata to other popular genres because it was associated with rural backwardness and delinquency. In the 80s, it was considered vulgar, crude and musically rustic, and it was dismissed by the Dominican elite.

However, big Dominican names began incorporating Bachata into their style. Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos, Luis Vargas, Zacarías Ferreira, among many others worked hard to break the stereotype and make way to other artists that would take the genre to an international level. Enter Aventura. This group revolutionized Bachata to modern tastes and made it “digestible” to a whole new audience. Straight from this group comes Romeo Santos, who is now known as “The King of Bachata” and has continued to work hard to keep Bachata among the top listened genres around the world.

This time around, Romeo brings us the second single of his upcoming album “Fórmula Vol. 2” titled “Odio.” It features Drake surprising everyone as he sings a few phrases in Spanish. He then proceeds to rap in English. “Odio a ese hombre porque está a tu lado. Perdí tu amor, soy un pobre diablo. Sin tu amor yo no soy nada,” sang the Canadian rap star.

Drake’s pronunciation was flawless and he was very understandable in every word he sang, proving again his versatility and his ability to choose the right partnerships to showcase his many talents. We gotta give it to Romeo too, who impressed us one more time with a song that is set to be a hit. The song will be available to purchase on iTunes around the world by Jan. 28. Meanwhile, you can listen to the song below and post your reactions in the comment section.

The highly anticipated “Fórmula Vol. 2” is set to go on sale Feb. 25, and features some heavy hitters such as Nicki Minaj (who raps in Spanish), Marc Anthony, Carlos Santana, Tego Calderón and even comedian Kevin Hart. The album’s first single "Propuesta Indecente" debuted at No. 1 in digital sales, topped the charts in Mexico and is one of the most-requested songs on Latin radio in the United States and Puerto Rico. Hopefully “Odio” will have the same success!

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