One of the most well-known criminals in British history, Ronnie Biggs the "Great Train Robber" has died at the age of 84. Biggs was a part of one of the most famous crimes of the 20th century. In 1963, Biggs and fellow robbers pulled off what was called "the crime of the century" when they performed a train heist that took them from low level pocket thieves to the most wanted men in Britain. Biggs and his 14 partners held up a mail train going from Glasgow to London. The criminals made off with 2.5 million pounds in used bank notes.

Following the heist, Biggs and several of his accomplices were caught and Biggs was sentenced to 30 years in prison. After 15 months, Biggs was able to escape and fled to Paris where he underwent plastic surgery to change his appearance. He then fled to Australia where he lived peacefully with his wife and children. After authorities tracked him down Biggs fled to Brazil in 1969 and spent most of the rest of his life living as a celebrity fugitive. Biggs was tracked down in Rio de Janeiro but the Brazilian authorities would not extradite him because he had fathered a son.

Biggs lived in Brazil openly defying the British government and living off his fame, taking photos and selling autographs to tourists. In 1978 Biggs even recorded a single with the "Sex Pistols" titled "No One is Innocent." In a 2000 interview with the BBC, Biggs said he had squandered the money he stole within three years. In 2001, Biggs returned to the UK to seek medical help but was instead sent to prison. In 2009, Biggs was released for medical reasons after coming down with pneumonia.

Biggs died early Wednesday morning. He was being treated for an illness at Carlton Court Care Home in North London. The famed burglar was no longer able to walk following a series of strokes. Biggs was last seen in public in March attending the funeral of fellow "Great Train Robber" Bruce Reynolds. The ghost writer for Biggs' autobiography, Christopher Parker, spoke with the Today program on BBC Radio 4 saying Biggs should be remembered as "one of the great characters of the last 50 years."

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