Roselyn Sánchez has proven once again women are definitely not the weaker sex. The 44-year-old actress and singer looked beyond amazing while hosting the Latin Grammy Awards next to Jaime Camil on Thursday, November 16 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. What most people might not have noticed was that she gave birth less than two weeks ago on Nov. 3, when she welcomed her and Eric Winter’s son Dylan Gabriel.

When Sánchez was confirmed to host the award show, many people thought she was being crazy, others said she needed to take more time, some even suggested that she might not be a good mother, and so on. But the “Devious Maids” actress wasn’t having any of that. She took time of rehearsals to explain the situation to all of her fans and critics.

"I'm at rehearsals at the Latin Grammys and little by little I've read comments on social media," she said in the video posted on Instagram. "There are a lot of people worried that say, 'Roselyn take care, you've just had a baby, it's dangerous and you have to be resting.' You are all correct."

Sánchez then added: "I made a commitment... I am not 100% but I feel fine. I promise all of you that I'm taking care of myself. The baby is at the hotel with his two nannies, he's fine. Everything is fine, don't worry." Sanchez finished off by saying that she was doing it all "with love for all of my people in Puerto Rico... I am grateful and I am sacrificing myself to represent my country."

Not only did Roselyn kept her promise, but she definitely served some fierceness. She strolled down the red carpet with a curve-hugging, cutout dress that made all mortals green with envy, as she looked better than most people on their best day while definitely not wearing any type of shape wear.

During the telecast, Sánchez indulged in several wardrobe changes that only kept proving that she’s definitely not from this world because it’s almost impossible to look that good one week and six days after you gave birth.  Although most of the show’s outfits were also curve hugging, some had extra fabric to create a “looser” silhouette giving her a more relaxed look. However, she still wowed everyone.

Maybe it’s genetics, or maybe she just takes great care of herself, but the fact that Roselyn Sánchez gave birth to her second child on November 3 at the age of 44, and went on to host the Latin Grammys on November 16 while looking beyond incredible proves once again that women are unstoppable. Yes, some of you might think it was too soon, but Sánchez is a responsible adult and we’re certain she consulted with her and the baby’s doctors before she went back to work, and there’s a pretty high chance that she’s just going to kick back and relax (as much as you can relax with a newborn baby) until the “appropriate” time now.

This is not the first time that Sánchez has raised some concerns among her fans, as she signed on to be in the judging panel of Univision’s “Mira Quien Baila” while she was well into her pregnancy. However, she had to quit after just one week of the show’s premiere in September because she was in her third trimester and the show was being filmed in Miami, which required her to travel back and forth from her home in L.A.

"I am 33 weeks pregnant and my doctor felt that it was not good to travel to Miami to continue this season," she told Univision at the time. "Unfortunately, with this situation, my doctor asked me to go back home to be close to the hospital in case the baby decides to come sooner.

For Roselyn, getting pregnant for the second time was hard enough and she was not willing to risk her pregnancy over a job. She and husband Eric Winter have been open about the struggle to get pregnant, sharing that she had to go through six rounds of in vitro fertilization total, according to People.

“I knew it was going to be my last attempt because [of] my age,” Sanchez said. “If it didn’t work, then it was over — we were going to have to consider either adoption or maybe just [Sebella was] going to be an only child.”

“I remember the last thing the doctor said to me [before the embryo transfer] was, ‘Remember, it’s going to be 5 to 15 percent [chance].’ I remember for a second looking at him and I said, ‘Yeah, he doesn’t know that I have God’s favor.’”

Luckily Roselyn and Eric have a healthy baby boy while Sánchez continues to defy Mother Nature in looking better each passing day. Check out some of her outfits at the Latin Grammys below!

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