‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Trailer Reveals Release Date And Zoe Saldaña’s Really Creepy Neighbors [VIDEO]

NBC's first promo poster for "Rosemary's Baby." The TV mini-series is set to premiere on NBC on May 11. NBC

The iconic story of “Rosemary’s Baby” haunted readers in 1967 with Iran Levin’s best-selling novel. In the 1968 American psychological horror film starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes the terrifying tale came to life. Now in 2014, NBC is revamping the story with all-new mini series starring Zoe Saladaña and Patrick J. Adams and if the trailer is any indication, an entirely new generation will be in for a fright.

The “Rosemary’s Baby” miniseries will premiere on NBC on May 11, and in anticipation of the forthcoming date, the network has released the made for TV movie’s first full-length trailer. Entitled “Fear is Born” which was the same tagline featured on the promotional poster, the trailer is the first look viewers have had into the newly designed world of “Rosemary’s Baby.” The NBC version takes place in Paris as opposed to New York, however the overall plot seems to be very much the same and still as sinister. Saldaña plays Rosemary, whose picturesque life in the city of lights gets even more perfect when her husband, played by Patrick J. Adams of “Suits” is given a very hefty check.

The trailer shows, Rosemary reading the check and saying in disbelief that she “has never seen so many zeroes in one check.” The couple is over the moon with the recent increase in their bank account, and Rosemary soon discovers she is pregnant with the couple’s first child. However, her fairytale life soon begins to deteriorate, and instead of the divine intervention that Rosemary begs for, another force intervenes, one that is supernatural.

In the trailer Rosemary’s appearance significantly worsens as her baby bump grows, and it seems like the baby’s health is even a concern as her ultrasound doctor reveals some disturbing news, saying, “there are some things in this ultrasound that I’ve never seen before.” Both Rosemary and her husband, learn that everything comes with a price, and she begins to sense the unnatural forces among her admittedly creepy neighbors. “There are witches in my building,” Saldaña is heard saying in the trailer.

The first part of the four-hour miniseries debuts on Mother’s Day, May 11, on NBC, followed by the conclusion on May 15. Check out the first “Rosemary’s Baby” trailer below, and decide if your fear will be born when watching this revamp of a tried-and-true terrifying classic

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