Royal Baby Name: Did Kate And William Choose Their Baby’s Name Yet?

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton met at the University of St. Andrews in 2001 and initiated a 10-year long relationship that ended in marriage in 2011.

Every parent knows how extenuating it can be to choose a name for their baby. There are so many names! What if it offends somebody? What if the child does not like it and wants to change it in the future? What if I just named him or her after one of my great-grandparents and blame them?

All this anxiety triplicates when you belong to a royal family. And if that royal family is the British one, even more so. Not only your family, but your citizens, the press and the world community are on your back.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have endured speculations about their relationship since pretty much the very first time they said "hello" to each other. Whether or not they were together, how serious their relationship was and the eligibility of Kate as the future Queen of England were on everybody's mind. When they finally made public that they were getting married, rumors of baby bumps started floating around. And as soon as Kate's pregnancy was confirmed, bets on the sex and, particularly, the name were placed around the world.

News started hitting front pages on Kate's acute morning sickness and her prenatal fashion choices. The highest moment in Royal Baby Watch 2013 happened last Tuesday, during an appearance to the National Fishing Heritage Center. The Duchess of Cambridge accepted a teddy bear from local woman Diane Burton and Kate thanked her by saying "I will take that for my d-" before stopping herself short. The world went into frenzy, assuming that by "d-" she had meant to say "daughter."

The Cambridges hurried to deny that Kate had a slip of the tongue, but that did nothing to stop the press. Now, everybody and their editor is claiming that they know what the name of the hypothetical baby girl will be: Elizabeth Diana Carole.

William and Kate have neither confirmed or denied having picked a name, but even if they had, the name should not come as a surprise. First of all, royal families tend to don their heirs with long names. Second, all three names refer to three fundamental women in the lives of the Cambridges. Elizabeth, for William's grandmother, the Queen of England. Diana, for William's late mother, media-darling Lady Di. And last, Carole, for Kate's own mother. Simple and logical.

While some news outlets rejoice, others remain cautious, reminding everybody that the royal house has not confirmed the name or the gender of the future heir to the throne.

No wait, they have actually confirmed something: While they wait, Kate and William refer to their unborn child as "our little grape." Royally adorable.

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