Officials from the Federal District of Mexico City confirmed today that they have taken custody of a man wanted in connection with the murder of a Mexican journalist, who fled the state of Veracruz in June after reportedly receiving death threats. Investigation into the death of Rubén Espinosa got a boost on July 31 when the reporter's body was found alongside those of four women. The suspect apprehended on Wednesday reportedly fled the scene along with two other persons of interest. Espinosa's murder has brought international attention to the high rates of death among Mexican journalists .

Mexico City’s prosecutor's office (PGJDF) confirmed the arrest on twitter, saying that the suspect was identified through a fingerprint match. The man has a lengthy and violent criminal record, according to prosecutor Rodolfo Ríos Garza, who was interviewed by Radio Formula on Wednesday.

“A fingerprint was found, and it ended up being useful and according to database that we have at the [PGJDF] resulted as positive match with a man that has previous convictions. After receiving an [arrest warrant], detectives detained this man,” Garza said.

At least 34 journalists have been confirmed to have been murdered as a direct result of their work, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.