The Russia-Ukraine war continues to rage on as heavy fighting continues in different regions.

The latest update on this is the one affecting the eastern region of Donetsk even as Kyiv's allies meeting in Paris pledged just over 1 billion euros ($1.05 billion) to help Ukrainians survive the freezing winter, Reuters reported.

Given the aid that some regions have given in support of Ukraine, Russia is trying to make do with what it can on its end. This includes forcing individuals into action, regardless if they are ill-prepared or not.

However, it appears that there are soldiers with less to no experience in Russia being forced into action. There are several stories of such, some forced or being threatened with consequences.

While the chivalry of some soldiers is notable, it remains that they are headed toward imminent danger. Families have begged their sons not to go but it appears some only realize their predicament once they are there.

One case is that of Stas, someone whose identity has been covered. Urged by his father, Sergei, not to push through and get involved, Stas answered the call, unaware of what he was getting himself into.

But Stas did tell his father about a certain battle he had to handle – preparation. It was something that has come to light and it appears that Russia is truly pushing soldiers into action even if they are not ready for war, hardly considering the welfare of their soldiers.

"He said the [Russian] soldiers had been given no cover; there was no intelligence gathering; no preparation. They'd been ordered to advance, but no one knew what lay ahead,” Sergei said in a report by BBC.

Stas, however, said that they are left with no choice but to follow orders. Consequences such as being beaten up or imprisoned await should they defy orders.

The case of Sergei and Stas is one thing. Their real identities have been hidden, one of many unsurprising issues that Russians have to deal with right now.

Russia Wagner Group Rep. Pic
The leader of the Wagner Group on Tuesday praised a viral video showing the murder of a former fighter of the group who had surrendered to the Ukrainian side during the war. This is a representational image. Maxime Doré/Unsplash.

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