Sacramento shooting site
Sacramento Mass Shooting: What To Know As Police Arrest Multiple Suspects Photo by David Odisho/Getty Images

Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges on three male suspects behind the Sacramento gang shootout on April 3. Brothers Smiley and Dandrae Martin were charged with three counts each along with Mtula Payton who is still at large. On Tuesday, District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and Police Chief Kathy Lester announced the charges as court documents containing details of the shootout were filed by prosecutors.

According to The Sacramento Bee, evidence showed that rival gang members had armed themselves with weapons that killed six people and wounded 12 other individuals who were gathered in the area known for its busy nightlife. Three of the deaths and two of those injured were alleged gang members while the rest of the casualties and wounded were caught in the crossfire.

“This was a gun battle between two rival gangs,” Schubert said.

Officials pointed to a feud between rival gangs the Garden Blocc Crips and G-Mobb, along with their allies. G-Mobb is widely known to be linked with the Bloods street gang.

Police identified the three innocent bystanders who were killed in the shootout – two of whom were 21-year-olds Yamile Martinez and Johntaya Alexander and 57-year-old Melinda Davis. The DA’s office filed charges that put the suspects facing multiple murders and could lead them to death penalty should the DA pursue them.

A warrant stated that investigations turned up approximately 51 spent 9mm caliber shell casings and some 18 spent 9mm caliber shells in both the east 10th Street sidewalk turning into North K Street and on the sidewalk heading north toward J Street. Investigators recovered some 114 spent casings coming from different areas of the crime scene. Detectives are still at a loss on the motive that started the shootout. However, court documents stated that the Martin brothers posted a video online prior to the shootout flashing their weapons and talking smack about their rival gang while in rival gang territory.

Meanwhile, no charges have been filed in connection with the three suspected gang members who were shot and killed in the incident. Court papers say the men allegedly were involved in the shootout and appeared to have been armed during the exchange based on video footage obtained by police. Chief Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard said it would be complicated and difficult to charge a suspect for a victim’s death if the victim was also involved in the crime.

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