The top-of-the-line Tesla Model S P85 is seriously quick. Remember that video from Automobile Magazine that captured a Tesla beating a BMW M5 in a drag race? Apparently, the Tesla's powerful all-electrice drivetrain even drew the attention of American tuning house Saleen. During the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Sunday, Saleen unveiled their very own tuned Tesla, known as the Saleen FourSixteen. 

Let's start from the exterior. The Tesla Model S P85-based Saleen Foursixteen features a new body kit that includes a new aero front fascia, restyled side skirts, and a new bumper with an integrated carbon fiber diffuser. A stylized V-shaped hood, a rear lip spoiler, and 21-inch forged wheels.

Inside, the cabin receives an attractive selection of perforated leather or Alcantara seats. New door panels and a leather-wrapped dashboard featuring contrast stitching are also available. Last but not least, carbon fiber trim pieces set the Saleen-tuned Tesla apart.

Now for the nitty gritty. The performance figures from the Tesla Model S P85 remain relatively unchanged. The electric motors deliver 310 kW (416 horsepower) and 600 Nm (443 lb.-ft. of torque). However, a number of crucial Saleen components effectively increase efficiencies in torque management, give a track capable throttle response, and provide faster acceleration. Customers can request for a "MAXGRIP" locking differential and a 11.39:1 final gear for improved acceleration. What's more, the Saleen FourSixteen is equipped with a larger radiator, upgraded fans, and a high-flow water pump to improve cooling and to maintain a consistent temperature for high stress performance applications.

On the ride and handling front, the Saleen FourSixteen gets a track-tuned suspension with new sway bars and stiffer springs. If that's not sporty enough, customers can order a fully adjustable suspension which allows them to easily increase stiffness or dial back for comfort. A big-brake kit and sport tires allow the Saleen to stop as quickly as it goes.

The Saleen-tuned Tesla will start at $152,000, including the price of the standard car. The Saleen FourSixteen with be eligible for state and federal incentives that rage from $7,500 to $15,000, depending state to state. Saleen is already accepting orderes. A complete Saleen FourSixteen will be ready for delivery from 6 to 8 weeks following order confirmation. For more details, be sure to visit the official Tesla and Saleen website.