Samsung is trying to come up with fixes as quickly as possible. The latest firmware update is for the Samsung S20 FE with reports of users suffering from ghost touches or jittery screens. A new update with build number G781BXXU1ATK1 is rolling out but some users claim that the patch has not completely solved the issue.

For users who have yet to apply the update on their Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, phone owners have been trying to figure out how to properly scroll or zoom on their phones. But the problem here is that the patch may have partly resolved the complaints.

The stability issue has improved but appears to be far from fixed. Jittery screens remain the same although the frequency of it occurring has lessened. The same thing holds for the pinch-zooming in or out. The problem persists for Samsung S20 FE users but is allegedly now smoother and better.

With the latest update now, there are some Samsung S20 FE users speculating that the problem may not be on the software side but the hardware itself. The minor improvements somehow point to that and some users like NicoToscani71 claims it is something that he has experience since day one.

Unless Samsung has another fix lined up, a hardware issue to the problem will be up in the air. Most know that if this is the real issue, Samsung will have to issue a recall for the Galaxy S20 FE. That would mean bad news for the company, not to mention added cost translating to losses.

There is also the possibility that Samsung would let owners live with the slightly malfunctioning touch screen, GSM Arena reported. However, that is a scenario that big companies may not want to leave hanging. This means that further patches are likely to follow until the issue is (hopefully) completely addressed.

From the looks of it now, Samsung has yet to figure out the real problem behind the jittery screen and ghost touches. More patches may follow although Samsung Galaxy S20 FE owners may want to keep track of the phone as a whole. Though improvements may be seen on the current problem, there is a chance that other features of the phone may be having malfunctions with users unaware of it.

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