Lucía Méndez has been the center of jokes ever she tweeted a picture of herself with actor George Clooney and director Alfonso Cuarón. It turns out that one of her fans Photoshopped the actress in place of Sandra Bullock in a picture taken at the "Gravity" premiere during the 70th Venice International Film Festival. Méndez excused herself by saying someone else uploaded the image to her Twitter account and she quickly deleted it when she realized the blunder. The Mexican actress was, in fact, at the film festival and received an honor for her career longetivity, but not on the same day the "Gravity" crew was there.

An intrepid "Despierta América" reporter asked Bullock if she knew the "Colorina" star to which the Hollywood actress said "no, i don't." The reporter told Sandra that Lucía is a Mexican actress well-known in soap operas and showed her a picture of Méndez in place of her. The Oscar winning actress took a closer look and realized Lucía was taking up her spot in the picture. "Oh wait, she's in me, she's in my position," Bullock said. "I like that. She looks good there!" Sandra took the photoshopped picture with humor and even had some advice for Ms. Méndez next time she wants to set herself in place of someone else. "Tell her to make her dress red because their shirts are white and she needs to pop. Tell her to pick a 'poppy' color next time."

Fellow Mexican, Alfonso Cuarón, was also approached to weigh in on the photo montage and was surprised to see himself next to the telenovela star. The director laughed it off and was sure that the picture was only a joke. Cuarón excused Méndez and said it wasn't her fault as it was her fan club that made the image and felt sorry for the actress. "I don't have the courtesy of knowing Lucía, but I would gladly take a picture with her of course," Alfonso said. "I'll even wear my Manchester." This last part was in reference to a brand of men's button up shirts that Lucía was the face of in the 80s during the peak of her career.

Take a look at Sandra Bullock and Alfonso Cuarón's live reactions down below and further down Lucía Mendez in the Manchester commercial. What do you think of Sandra's tips to Lucía?

Lucia Mendez in Manchester commercial