Scarlett Johansson recently spoke out about how paparazzi could cause another death like Princess Diana. On Wednesday, the “Avengers: Endgame” actress revealed how a group of paparazzi in Los Angeles pursued her and put her in a situation similar to what the late Princess of Wales found herself in moments before her death.

It can be recalled that Princess Diana died in a fatal car crash that killed both her and her companion, Dodi Fayed, in 1997. Although an investigation in 1999 found that the crash was caused by the intoxicated driver who lost control of their car, many put their blame on the group of paparazzi who followed Princess Diana after spotting her with her rumored lover.

Johansson recounted how she left a studio earlier this week following her appearance on the U.S. talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and how a group of photographers aggressively chased her and her four-year-old child. According to the actress, five cars with blacked-out windows sped through red lights and put other drivers and pedestrians at risk just to follow her and know where she and her daughter were staying in Los Angeles.

Pissed by the entire situation, Johansson warned paparazzi to stop going dangerous lengths to stalk and harass celebrities like her as their ways lay many people’s lives on the line. In a statement, the actress described the situation as “a waiting game before another person gets seriously injured or killed, like Princess Diana.”

While Johansson did not file charges against the paparazzi who followed her, she called out all paparazzi and labeled them as “criminal stalkers by law.” “Even after Princess Diana’s tragic death, the laws were never changed to protect targets from the lawless paparazzi,” she said. “Women across the U.S. are stalked, harassed and frightened and a universal law to address stalking must be at the forefront of law enforcement conversations,” she added.

Johansson said she felt it was her duty as a concerned citizen to speak out. “I would encourage others in a similar situation to go to the police,” she said.

Johansson is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses today and is currently busy promoting “Avengers: Endgame,” where she is set to appear as the Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson, Female Movie Star of 2018, poses in the press room during the People's Choice Awards 2018 at Barker Hangar. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images