A California judge ruled Tuesday that Scott Peterson, who is convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn son, was not warranted a new trial.

Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo denied the 50-year-old inmate "relief" in his appeal that was based on biased juror accusations, according to ABC News. He will not get a new trial, and he cannot appeal folowing the judge's ruling. He now has 120 days to submit any new evidence.

Scott's attorney Pat Harris said in a statement that he was "disappointed" by the ruling, but the case was "far from over," reported Fox News. He added that just in the last few months, they had learned "new information" that would prove that his client did not murder his wife, Laci. He shared that they are going to "continue to push forward until he is freed."

Scott's sister-in-law Janey Peterson said that he "is innocent," and "did not have an impartial jury." She shared that they will not stop fighting until he is free and they find who "murdered Laci and Conner.' She noted that two decades ago, Laci was seen alive walking her dog after Scott had left for the day, and sometime after that walk, the "evidence shows she encountered men." They were burglarizing the home across the street, and those "men kidnapped her and later killed her."

Dec. 24, just a day before Christmas, will mark 20 years to the day since Laci went missing. As for Scott, he is currently serving a life sentence at Mule Creek State Prison in California after he was convicted in 2004 in the murders of his wife and their unborn son.

The California Supreme Court overturned his death sentence two years ago after news that prospective jury candidates improperly dismissed emerged. But the court maintained his conviction. He had alleged that the previous trial was tainted by a rogue juror, Richelle Nice. She had lied about her own history of abuse to get on the jury panel that initially sent him to death row, reported the Associated Press.

Scott Peterson
In this handout image provided by the California Department of Corrections, convicted murderer Scott Peterson poses for a mug shot March 17, 2005 in San Quentin, California. Judge Alfred A. Delucchi sentenced Peterson to death March 16 for murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn child. Photo by California Department of Corrections via Getty Images

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