Authorities have sent out a warning to parents and teachers that kids have a unique kind of way of discussing drugs and sex using emojis.

It appears there is a secret world of emojis wherein teens use icons to disguise text messages to discuss taboo topics per the Surrey Police.

Further, police suggest that dealers could be using this tactic, urging teens to take drugs. Hence, parents are encouraged to become more vigilant about the graphics that are used and shared by kids and teens, especially when popular icons on social media are included.

For example, an emoji, a fish, a petrol pump, a snowman or a snowflake are said to be representations of cocaine. Further, ecstasy is represented by emojis using a devil icon, a skull, an alien or a tentacled monster.

Ketamine and Nitrous Oxide are represented using the horse and balloon icons while cops add that 14 icons can represent cannabis such as a four-leaf clover, a lemon, a bunch of grapes, a watermelon, a strawberry, cherries, a pineapple, a dog, a sweet, a cake, an ice cream or a cookie.

“We have shared a lot of information around emojis over the past couple of weeks, both on social media and with our local partners to help raise awareness and start the discussion around this,” detective chief inspector Kate Hyder stated. “We’re also aware that emojis and their alternative meanings are something that will constantly change, and so our work and research into this will continue.”

Surrey police have reportedly passed on this information to schools so that they can share it with parents and staff for awareness.

However, they cautioned that although emojis can have serious meanings, using them in messages does not just mean a child is involved in drugs.

“We’re very aware that checking phones could break down this trust between a parent and their child, and therefore we are not suggesting parents do this,” Surrey police said in a statement. “Instead, we want people to be aware of what these emojis mean, in case they do happen to see them.”

Some of the new emojis of iOS 9.1. EMOJIPEDIA

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