Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Reuters

A member of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor's detail shot an armed man who attempted to steal the car he was in, The Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

The incident happened when a person approached two U.S. Marshals who were on duty in a government car in Washington D.C. on July 5. They were tasked with protecting Supreme Court justices and stationed near Sotomayor's home.

The person in question pointed a gun at one of them through the window, at which point the Marshal used his department-issued gun to shoot him four times.

The Marshal, who was wearing an official shirt, gave the man first aid while his suspected associates drove away. He was later hospitalized and placed under arrest. The outlet added that there was no indication that the justice was the target of the attack.

However, it is a new episode in a series of high-profile carjackings in the U.S. capital. Other cases have involved now-embattled U.S. Representative Henry Cuéllar of Texas and Secret Service agents protecting President Joe Biden's granddaughter, who opened fire after three people tried to enter an unmarked Secret Service last year. None of the targets were struck in the incidents.

Cuéllar was robbed in late 2023 by what he described as a group of three young men."I was just coming into my place. Three guys came out of nowhere and pointed guns at me. I do have a black belt, but I recognized when you got three guns, I looked at one with a gun, another with a gun, and another one behind me, and they said they wanted my car, and I said, sure," Cuéllar said in a C-Span video. After the suspects robbed Cuéllar, he said law enforcement recovered his car, phone and sushi in his car in less than two hours.

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