It seems as if the world has been waiting for Selena Gomez's return to the spotlight after taking some much needed time off. The starlet who is currently battling her lupus diagnosis announced has made her dramatic return to Hollywood at the American Music Awards delivering an empowering sppech that touched many people. So much so, the singer is reportedly set to create new music with someone she has inspired.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga are going to collaborate and make new music together. After Gomez's inspirational speech at the recent American Music Awards, a visible Lady Gaga was touched by her bravery and the two have kept in contact ever since. Now the entertainers are joining forces and are expected to deliver some great music.

"Selena and Lady Gaga really bonded at the American Music Awards," a source tells the site. "Lady Gaga was so moved by Selena’s speech, that they have kept in touch ever since. They have spoken about collaborating on a song dedicated to empowering and inspiring young people worldwide."

While most people expected Lady Gaga to console Gomez after facing the world post her rehab stint, no one expected for the two to actually come together musically. Since Gomez's release, her goal is to stay as positive as possible to ensure her success and Lady Gaga is up for supporting her along the way.

"They have actually become quite close in a rather short period of time," a source tells the site. "Selena is only surrounding herself with super positive and healthy people, and the same goes for Gaga. They really want to create something epic together.

Although most people belived that Gomez would be running back to Justin Bieber, the singer is staying clear of the Canadian pop star. On her road to recovery and maintaining a good headspace, the star is leaving all the bad behind and looking forward.