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MIAMI - A new era of Latino excellence is emerging in the world of business and innovation, with none other than the multi-talented Selena Gomez leading the charge. Known globally for her musical talents and acting prowess (she won at Cannes last weekend), Gomez has added another feather to her cap by steering her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, to unparalleled heights and securing a place on Time's prestigious list of the 100 most influential companies in the world.

In 2020, Gomez launched Rare Beauty with a mission that transcended traditional beauty standards, focusing on self-acceptance and mental health. Fast forward to today and Rare Beauty is valued at an astonishing $2 billion.

Her ethos of innovation and impact is echoed by other Latinos who have also made their mark on Time's influential companies list, demonstrating the vibrant and diverse entrepreneurial spirit within the Latino community.

Latino companies in Times' 100 list

Soccer team Inter Miami made it onto the list as well. While many associate the company with co-owner David Beckham, the managing co-owner is Cuban American Jorge Mas. Under his leadership, Inter Miami has not only excelled in Major League Soccer (MLS) but also "redefined its global relevance, particularly after signing Lionel Messi," says Time.

This strategic move has catapulted the team into the international spotlight, attracting new multinational sponsorships and boosting revenue projections to record-breaking levels. Mas's vision for Inter Miami extends beyond Messi, aiming to establish South Florida as a beacon for top-tier soccer talent.

South American talent

Another notable name in Time's 100-Companies list is David Vélez, CEO of Nubank, a Brazil-based digital bank revolutionizing financial services. In a world where 1.4 billion people live without access to formal banking, Nubank's mission looks to integrate the unbanked into the digital economy. "Vélez's leadership has seen Nubank usher nearly 22 million people into the financial system, offering innovative solutions like antifraud features to ensure secure transactions," wrote Time. With over 100 million customers and a significant profit milestone, Nubank's influence is clear.

Also hailing from Brazil is Sol de Janeiro. Led by CEO Heela Yang, this is another Latino-led company making waves. Known for its viral beauty products like Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Cheirosa fragrances, Sol de Janeiro has harnessed the power of social media to triple its sales and achieve over $1 billion in revenue. "By collaborating with thousands of influencers, the brand has tapped into the zeitgeist of young consumers, offering affordable luxury that stands out in a crowded market," Time magazine describes.

Sebastián Mejía, co-founder of Rappi, has also etched his name into the annals of influential Latino entrepreneurs. Rappi, the "everything app" of Latin America, offers a myriad of services from food delivery to financial products. Its ability to adapt to local markets and invest heavily in expansion has cemented its position as a go-to app for millions across the region. Time highlighted Mejia's foresight in localizing services has been key to Rappi's success, reflecting the nuanced understanding required to thrive in diverse markets.

Last but not least in the Latino/Hispanic-led companies list is World Central Kitchen (WCK). Founded by celebrity chef José Andrés in 2010, it has become a beacon of hope in crisis zones worldwide. Known for providing meals in the wake of disasters, WCK faced one of its most challenging moments on April 1, when seven of its aid workers were tragically killed in Gaza. Despite this, the organization has persevered, continuing to deliver critical aid in war-torn areas like Gaza and Ukraine. "We see time and time again," says CEO Erin Gore, "that the best of humanity shows up in the worst of times."


Since resuming operations, WCK’s Palestinian team is again pursuing every avenue to provide as much support as possible to families in Gaza. As the situation in Rafah grows increasingly dire, our team is working tirelessly so food reaches people in desperate need. #ChefsForGaza #WCK #WorldCentralKitchen #nonprofit #humanitarianaid #food

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These stories highlight a broader trend of Latino leaders making significant strides across various industries. Their inclusion in Time's list is not just a recognition of their business acumen but also a celebration of cultural diversity and the power of innovative thinking.

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